Breathing and Moving


Yoga is a practice that is supportive for a dancers body and mind. The practice of balance, strength and flexibility, the repetitiveness, dedication and controlled moving lies very close to dance training. This is why it matches my interest.

I approach yoga in a very universal way. In my classes, I put the emphasis on alignment, movement flow and body awareness. My aim is to design a clear rhythm and slow paste flow that gives physical challenge in a calme and gentle way. My instructions and the options I give, are propositions to guide the group through a sequence. I encourage and trust the practitioner to take his/her own responsibility to navigate through intelligent choices. So the focus is completely on the body, the movement and the transitions which all connect to the rhythm of the breath.

Teaching freelance workshops and teacher at ARTESIS Royal Conservatoire Bachelor Dance in Antwerp

*Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga Teacher