DANSLAB is a playground for movers who love creating and collaborating
During 12 weeks we worked together towards the performance Press Play. We were 10 people, playing and experimenting with stories and feelings that come from meeting the other (body). Press Play is a performance where dance meets theater and where fun, power and guts are taking the lead!

Dancers: Jana Vos, Johan De Keyser, Gwendoline van Jole, Anneleen Hermans, Ilse Bellens, Joke Verlinde, Elke Van de Casteele, Chris Cornelissen, Stephan Marchant en Nele Van Herck Coaching: Judith Clijsters Music: Pieter de Smet + Guests Costumes: Nushi Lambreva Film and editing: Maryam K. Hedayat, Salvador Gieling, Willem Voorn Production: Murmure vzw / Judith Clijsters Supported by: ccBe, Fameus vzw