In I STILL REMAIN X you see two individuals dealing with each other in a gamificated universe. A dancer and a musician are dropped in a game where they move through a number of levels to try and understand each others strengths and weaknesses. Both using different methods and attitudes to communicate, they can’t escape the final level; Being close to another being without losing solid ground.

Choreography and concept – Judith Clijsters 

Music and concept – Patrick Housen
Lights – Raf Wouters
Set and costumes – Eline Van Herreweghen
Dramaturgy – Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar
Photography & teaser – Roosje Horckmans
Production & PR – Janneke Defesche & Roosje Horckmans

Powered by C-TAKT, Makershuis Tilburg, Via Zuid, Intro In Situ, wpZimmer, DansBrabant, 

TOUR 2020 / cancelled due to Covid19