caution, peer pressure!


An enthusiastic group of youngsters experience their very first steps in contemporary dance during diep verdwaald. I guided and helped them to create movement to express their indignation and strong feelings about bullying. A topic very close to each and every one of them. This results in a piece of choreography that allows them to shift from insecurity to courage and from rage to self-consciousness. Coaching these brave and hard working girls was rewarding, special and simply a lot of fun!
Dancers: Colour the Streets / Video: Sofie Cemke / Partners: Passerelle, C-Mine cultuurcentrum, Danspunt en Colour the Streets

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    Ojalá todos pensaran que “la crítica oportuna y eficiente siempre será bien recibida.” Por lo general no ocurre así y miran a uno como si fuera diferente, mercenario, que urga en las heridas que todos tapan pero que nadie cura o quiere curar.

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    Candice – I love pictures of your kids, they always make me smile. Is it weird I want to put the picture of Aalyiah and Dax drinking from the fountain up in my house? LOL

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