caution, peer pressure!


An enthusiastic group of youngsters experience their very first steps in contemporary dance during diep verdwaald. I guided and helped them to create movement to express their indignation and strong feelings about bullying. A topic very close to each and every one of them. This results in a piece of choreography that allows them to shift from insecurity to courage and from rage to self-consciousness. Coaching these brave and hard working girls was rewarding, special and simply a lot of fun!
Dancers: Colour the Streets / Video: Sofie Cemke / Partners: Passerelle, C-Mine cultuurcentrum, Danspunt en Colour the Streets

cognition is embodied; you think with your body, not only with your brain


Amazed by how much our life is influenced by our self image, I decided to research how we estimate and asses this self image. We are getting flooded with images, perfect images, that set our perception and causes insecurity about our body, our potential, our being. We are assigned to the quality with which we evaluate our perception and by the information that we get by interacting with each other. The short films are experiments in- and outdoor based on these themes.

Watch the outdoor and indoor performance.

Video: Kris Verdonk / Dancers: Azzurra Ardovini and Paola Zampierolo / Partners: C-mine cultuurcentrum, TAKT Dommelhof, ccBerchem