Extremes are easy, strive for balance

Watch the videoclip here. (password BAMAKO)
Small teaser to be found here.

For Sörenson + Rynata, a brand new music production house, I danced and choreographed their new video clip Bamako, which we recorded in STUK/Leuven. They gave me a risky set, a clear idea with plenty of space to play and experiment with movement material. It made this project to a visually striking and exceeding video clip. The combination of a very open yet determined atmosphere with room for research was a great working environment to be part of.
Bamako is a short visual story about resistance, confusion and the constant search for balance.

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    Wow, that is fantastic! Here’s hoping the directions helped as I couldn’t help with the name. I hope your Dad enjoys it if he goes there Sam (Food Travel Bliss) recently posted..

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    Absolutely composed subject matter, thanks for selective information .

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    http://www./ zegt:

    Thank you! She was very wise, although I’m sure she would cringe at my cuticles now! Dawn’s were still looking pretty darn good the last time a saw her though! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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