Enter the space each day not knowing what you will find

Six people with a different background in dance, one studio and twelve weeks: the ingredients for a bold experiment. Dans Verder is a project that can be considered as a ‘Dance Lab’ in which I guided each participant to explore their capacity to move, to find their own movement language and integrate their expression into a performance practice. They chose one focus close to themselves, something challenging to unravel, research and overcome. The final step and experiment was to co-create a performance with all the gained material to share with an audience. Dans Verder turned out powerful, dynamic and was danced with conviction.
Dancers: Ilse Bellens, Jana Vos, Katja Dziehoeva, Jessy Bettio, Gwendoline van Jole, Andrea Bertels / Partner: Murmure vzw

The most adventurous journey is to go within and face your-self

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Extremes are easy, strive for balance

Watch the videoclip here. (password BAMAKO)
Small teaser to be found here.

For Sörenson + Rynata, a brand new music production house, I danced and choreographed their new video clip Bamako, which we recorded in STUK/Leuven. They gave me a risky set, a clear idea with plenty of space to play and experiment with movement material. It made this project to a visually striking and exceeding video clip. The combination of a very open yet determined atmosphere with room for research was a great working environment to be part of.
Bamako is a short visual story about resistance, confusion and the constant search for balance.

When it’s new moon, the stars shine brighter

In moondays 8 dancers (Muda Gent) completely dive into the different cycles and dynamisms of the moon. Every dancer seeks personal associations with the moon to connect to and create movement material with. Eventually an alternating rhythm arises in the distance and close by, just like the change of light that makes one visible or invisible inevitably. Together they manage to match the sense and beauty of a moon cycle.
Dancers: Nora Monsecour, Paulien Baele, Naomi Vanlerberghe, Timon De Ridder, Suzanne de Clercq, Evi Blockmans, Sam Huysmans en Aileen Bonne / Partners: Passerelle, Muda Kunsthumaniora