Pick up your paste, slow down your time

One week of hard work brought 11 dancers and 1 drummer together as a group on the massive stage of C-mine cultuurcentrum Genk. Choreographically, I introduced rhythm as a leader and counterpart for physical play, challenge and support. I pushed the dancers and the drummer to go crazy and loosen up to find oppositions. Pulsing, silencing, chaosing…

Choreography: Judith Clijsters Regieassistent: Sarah Leenders Music: Cis De Gendt Dancers: Sarah Spranghers, Gwyneth Werner, Juli Nulens , Pauline Nulens, Lotte Curinckx, Fien Hermans, Syra Kalbermatten, Litte van Horebeek , Kaat Olaerts, Britt Seron, Dunja Lycops Photography: Kristine Vandegaer
Film and edit: Fjodor Schafranski

Productie: Passerelle vzw i.s.m. C-mine cultuurcentrum/Stad Genk