Pick up your paste, slow down your time

One week of hard work brought 11 dancers and 1 drummer together as a group on the massive stage of C-mine cultuurcentrum Genk. Choreographically, I introduced rhythm as a leader and counterpart for physical play, challenge and support. I pushed the dancers and the drummer to go crazy and loosen up to find oppositions. Pulsing, silencing, chaosing…

Choreography: Judith Clijsters Regieassistent: Sarah Leenders Music: Cis De Gendt Dancers: Sarah Spranghers, Gwyneth Werner, Juli Nulens , Pauline Nulens, Lotte Curinckx, Fien Hermans, Syra Kalbermatten, Litte van Horebeek , Kaat Olaerts, Britt Seron, Dunja Lycops Photography: Kristine Vandegaer
Film and edit: Fjodor Schafranski

Productie: Passerelle vzw i.s.m. C-mine cultuurcentrum/Stad Genk 

‘Lichtzucht’ is a commissioned performance about the physical and mental journey of self-care translated through dance and theatre.

An actor in his fifties, struggling to move is standing right in front of a thirty year old dancer, struggling to put movement into words;
They negotiate and fight their way through questions as ‘How to get rid of pressure, stress, burn out?’ as well as ‘how to get moving in order to stay happy?’
Why is it so damn hard?

Expect some crazy physicality and a good sense of humor! These two are playing it hard in search for fresh air and light!

Performed by Johan Dekeyser and Judith Clijsters