I can’t hear you anymore...

A human being is stuck in the middle of a crowd. She is surrounded by other human beings who watch her fight time, fight choices, fight rhythm, fight her own critical mind.
Who is fighting? Her body is fighting. Her body is fighting her restrictive convictions. Her body is fighting our tiresome behavior and searches for new and real connections. Who wants to play? Play and risk to loosen up a little?

Humans are physical beings… where are they going? That’s the central question of Bored To Death. In a consumer culture where our minds do the work and are entertained afterwards, our bodies are abandoned and connections are getting lost.

Dance – Judith Clijsters Music – Dyane Donck Light – Raf Wouters
Dramaturgy –
Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar – Video/editing Fjodor Schafranski

Bored To Death is powered by C-TAKT, DansBrabant and Makershuis Tilburg

Première (B) 21st of September ’17 C-mine cultuurcentrum Genk
Première (NL) 4th of October ’17 theater de NWe Vorst Tilburg
Festival Cement ‘S Hertogenbosch 22-23-24th of March
Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp 28th of April
Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht 9th of November