If you only walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own

With 11 enthusiastic sweet-16-girls and a few guy’s from the sound-lab, I worked for 4 full days towards a choreography and presentation about generations.

Last april, Piazza Dell Arte took over a school in Antwerp. Together with 11 coaches from all different art forms we transformed the school into one big installation. Animation films, photo’s, dance, monumental art, monumental costumes, theatre, performance art, music and more,  all related somehow to the subject ‘footprints’. More than 100 kids worked super hard all week to present their work to their teachers, friends and family. It was a very supportive full house on Friday night!

Piazza Dell Arte is an organization that handles and breaths through 3 questions:
What if we would bring artists to schools?
What if we let them experiment with youngsters without any borders?
What if this would increase the accessibility for those youngsters to experience and get involved in different art forms outside of school?