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STOP the bullies

Stop the bullies  –  week tegen pesten 17 tem 24 februari ’t Zal WELzijn project gathers coaches from different art forms and kids at school to make some noise about bullying, being bullied, or witnessing this painful behaviour. Rather than focussing on the hard truth, the idea is to imagine and create a playground where kids […]

Holding Space

“What is the saddest thing we do to our bodies in our contemporary culture? Maybe the fact that we hardly move. We fence our bodies in, and miss the joy of moving and cheering freely. Think how easily we get to 9 seated hours a day. How to deal with stress, pressure and adrenaline overload? […]


In our search for identity, love and reality, gender has always been a mirror into which we are horrified to gaze too deeply. Maryam K. Hedayat Expectations are walls. We live between those walls and they define us. Society defines to a very large extend how to think and what to expect from men and […]


DANSLAB is a playground for movers who love creating and collaborating During 12 weeks we worked together towards the performance Press Play. We were 10 people, playing and experimenting with stories and feelings that come from meeting the other (body). Press Play is a performance where dance meets theater and where fun, power and guts […]

Dans verder

Enter the space each day not knowing what you will find Six people with a different background in dance, one studio and twelve weeks: the ingredients for a bold experiment. Dans Verder is a project that can be considered as a ‘Dance Lab’ in which I guided each participant to explore their capacity to move, […]

Sörenson + Rynata – Bamako

Extremes are easy, strive for balance Watch the videoclip here. (password BAMAKO) Small teaser to be found here. For Sörenson + Rynata, a brand new music production house, I danced and choreographed their new video clip Bamako, which we recorded in STUK/Leuven. They gave me a risky set, a clear idea with plenty of space to play […]